Pricing Your Job

Real Estate vs. Architecture or Commercial


Real Estate Listing Photos

Real estate listing photo shoots are designed to work quickly with a budget in mind. These images do not get the same treatment as shoots with higher budgets, but they are a great value for providing serviceable photos of a property for an MLS listing.

I provide up to 20 images, with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (full HD monitor resolution) for $150. The license is only valid for the listing, so these images are not transferable to a third party (like an interior designer or home builder). The images can be given to the home owner for their personal use. Additional images are $6 per image. If you have special requirements (like preserving the window view clearly in certain images) there is a surcharge, as this requires additional shooting and post processing work. I require 90 minutes inside a house for the interior listing photos (and sometimes and extra 15 to 30 minutes to finish up exteriors). Turn around times are typically within 24 hours. If I will be unable to make the deadline, I will advise at the time of booking.

Homes need to be clean, tidy and presentable prior to my arrival for the shoot. I take no responsibility for the cleanliness of the property in the photographs. I shoot it as it is. if “cleaning” needs to be done in post processing, there is no guarantee that it came be done (some things are impossible to remove convincingly). But I will charge for this sort of work at a rate of $40 per hour.

Additional Charges:

  • Window view preservation – $5 per image (or $10 in cases where there are a lot of windows in a shot).
  • Higher resolution images – 5 MP $10; 9 MP $25; 20 MP $50 (price covers all photos in the session.)
  • Digital “cleaning” – $40 per hour
  • Milage – 50¢ per km from Picton for shoots outside of Prince Edward County
  • light painted dusk exteriors – $50 (weather dependent).

Images can be emailed, or delivered via or through DropBox.

Architecture & Commercial Photos

Architecture Photos are high-end photos that show off a space in its best possible light. This type of photography is suited to architects, home builders and sub trades, interior designers and commercial clients like hotels and restaurants. These shoots include high resolution files with a perpetual commercial license. Because of the increased complexity of the shoot and the post processing required, its best to budget at least 30 minutes per shot and the cost per shot is $50. Turn around times are also longer. If you have a timeframe in which the images need to be delivered, please advise me at the time of booking.

Additional Charges:

  • Mileage: 50¢ per km from Picton
  • Dusk interior or exterior: $50 extra (only one available per day, weather dependent).
  • Minimum $150 charge per job.
real estate example
architecture example

The above photos demonstrate the difference in treatment between a real estate and an architectural photo. The real estate photo involves natural light only. The window view is not preserved. The architecture photo has more accurate colour and better contrast. Additionally, architectural photos come with high resolution files (about 20 megapixels as opposed to about 2 megapixels maximum with real estate) and a license that goes beyond the end of a real estate listing.