Peter lighting the exterior of a building

Peter uses many pops from a portable flash to light to facade of the Waring House’s Main House.

In my last post, I showed a before and after evening shot. I thought I’d repeat the formula for this post and show a recent photograph of The Waring House in Picton.

Dusk Photos are Magical

Dusk shots are some of the most time-intensive shots that I do. They have a very narrow window in which to work, but in that time you have to get a large number of shots for the final composite. At the same time, there’s no denying that this sort of photography has far more impact than a shot taken mid day with the same composition.

Details of this shoot

The old stone farmhouse dates back to the 1860s. It is the centre of a campus of buildings that make up the country inn. Its rich history and its proximity to the road make it the most iconic building at the Waring House. It needs the right touch, something that reminds us that it is a stately home from ages past. Even though it has neon signs in the window.

My approach was to shoot at dusk. With a flash on a pole, I light various parts of the building. This helps bring out the textures and objects in a way a camera wouldn’t normally catch them. Take a look at the before and after comparison, and you’ll see just how much life the lighting adds to the photograph.

Waring Hosue Before and After
waring house before lighting
waring house after lighting